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Jack and the Beans Talk

A much loved tale told with an organic twist. Jack lives on a small farm with his mum and very little to eat. He likes to talk to the birds, his cow and anyone who will listen. Charming and inventive with singing beans, an enormous beanstalk, bags of gold and a smelly, funny old giant. For ages 3 - 8

Snug and Grub catch a Bug

Snug and Grub are best friends. They live safely underground in their earthy heap. One day they pop out from under a rock to see some googly eyes peering through the grass... A wonderfully wiggly adventure for all the family. For ages 3 - 8

The Nosy Little Troll

Deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest lives a Nosy Little Troll with an amazingly sensitive nose... What is that wonderfully stinky smell wafting through the trees? Watch out for the tasty brown cheese song, a lost goat and a bushy old troll with green fingers. For ages 3 - 8

The Bag that went BOO!

The delightfully comic story of a little red bag that jumps out of a brown paper bag – where is it going? Join us for a fantastical journey of paper bag proportions, dive into the sea and travel to the land of snow. Watch out for a giant paper bag wandering about making strange noises…. For ages 3 - 8 years

Oldilocks and the 3 Bears

One winter, Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl of porridge she tasted years ago in the woods. Something else happened but she can’t quite remember what… so she sets off for the forest. Will she find the bears house and what will happen then? For ages 3 - 7 years.

Eggs on Legs

Meet a family of zany Eggs on Legs, living in a lost pocket of the globe. One day the wind blows a huge egg into their tree and they are excited to play with it. But what happens if it hatches and can they protect it from the slithery snake? For ages 3 - 8

3 Little Pig Tails

Our classic story is set in Paris, where a grumpy old wolf is a chef who sets out to find some pigs' tails for his soup. Funny and warmhearted to make you squeal with laughter, bristling with puppets, live music and lots of joining in. For ages 3 - 7

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The simple story of three hungry goats and a grumpy old troll, told with a gentle ecological message. Watch out for the dance of the goats, the flying troll and loads and loads of rubbish... For ages 3 - 6

Christmas with The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

What happens on Christmas Eve when the Troll is fishing for his dinner...? Join Garlic Theatre by this little stream in Sweden to find out!

George and the Dragon

In Garlic Theatre's award winning production, a delicious mix of wit, humour and inventiveness combine to celebrate one of the most famous medieval legends of all time. For ages 5 - 9

Past Shows

Little Red Robin Hood

A long time ago in a deep dark wood, lived a brave strong lad who loved Grandma's pud and his name was Little Red Robin Hood. A funny slapstick glove puppet show. For ages 4 - 8

Old Mother Hubbard

Garlic Theatre delight children and adults alike with a spicy blend of slapstick and folk humor in this fresh and funny adaptation. For ages 3 - 7

Shoe Kangaroo and the Big Bad Boot

Garlic Theatre take you on a fantastical journey to the island of lost shoes. Magical transformations and beautifully crafted shoe puppets combine in this bizarre, funny, poetic and imaginative show. For ages 4 - 9

Can Fish Drink Tea?

HMS Teabag is about to set sail. Take your seats for the watery journey of a submarine in the street. Roll up for the adventures of a barbie in a fish and the sweet revenge of a teabag. A street performance for all the family

There's a Monster in my Piano

An offbeat jazzy tale, with puppets, clowning, animation and a very highly strung monster indeed. For ages 4 - 9

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

A bewitching tale, full of mystery and enchantment, with a wonderful blend of physical theatre, humour and technical wizardry. For ages 4 - 9


Fiddlesticks is the magical journey of a playful violin with legs who breaks free from his strings and leads us into a world of musical fantasy. For ages 4 - 7

The Magnificent Flying Machine

Have you ever dreamed of having wings? Follow the wacky adventures of Prof. Bix Horn as he flies by the seat of his pants and tries to build a flying machine out of the most unlikely things. For ages 4 - 8

The Forgotten Tailor

A person' life is like a suit. This heartfelt story spanning two continents tells the story of Mark's quest to find out about his father when he travels to the Pitman Tailor's shop in Lahore. For adults.

Flea Circus

Let the fleas dance, the actors scratch, and the audience. gasp at the smallest performers in the world performing death-defying acts of bravery. Do not worry, our fleas are fully trained and are safely contained all times...

Sindbad the Sailor

Old man Sindbad unfolds the story of his miraculous voyages… how he was tossed on the winds of fortune to ride on the back of a whale, fly with the giant rokh bird, whose wings blot out the sun, and slip away from the slobbering ogre. For 4 - 9 years