Bags Bags Bags!

A short film starring paperbag puppets made by Warwickshire Young Carers and Garlic Theatre

The Creature that Nobody Saw VIDEOS

Join Mark and Iklooshar from Garlic Theatre for live zoom workshops in November to learn to make your own little puppet show about an imaginary creature living in your house. This is part of The Library Presents…In Your House at

A Little Holiday

A simple story told through hand manipulation, set in the world of dreams. A surreal look at how to escape from lockdown, hand washing and staying at home.

What lives on another planet?

What do you think lives on another planet? A film made by Garlic Theatre with Warwickshire Young Carers funded by Live and Local.

Mime for all the Family VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to learn mime? Our video Mime for all the Family is a wonderful opportunity to learn classic mime tricks to amaze your friends. This is part of The Library Presents…In Your House where there are also other fantastic events and activities at

Wriggly Pot Puppets VIDEO

What can you discover when you look inside a pot? Bring to life your very own wriggly creature that pops out of a pot. Meet the friendly troll puppet from the woods who will join Iklooshar and help you make a wonderful puppet to dance with in the kitchen!

3 Little Pig Tails STREAMED

An online show performed from our living room with film, live performance, puppets and lots of onscreen joining in. Our classic story is set in Paris, where a grumpy old wolf is a chef who sets out to find some pigs' tails for his soup. Sit back and smell the garlic... For ages 3 - 7