In August 2020 Iklooshar and Mark from Garlic Theatre met Warwickshire Young Carers and asked them to respond creatively to the questions What do you think lives on another planet? They could send us any poems, audio, puppets or stories and we helped them with ideas for making simple junk puppets. After a few Zoom meetings a big package of their puppets arrived in the post and Mark and Iklooshar filmed the puppets and used their stories and poems to make the film. 

The film was performed by Mark and edited with original music by Iklooshar. We were amazed by the puppets and imaginative creativity of the Warwickshire carers.

Karen Higgins Commissioner Family wellbeing Warwickshire County Council Thank-you - what a beautiful creation!!!

Teresa Bird
Warwickshire Young Carers

Our young carers and staff thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the project it was so, so fabulous. 


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All ages

Garlic Theatre is available for similar creative projects with vulnerable groups over zoom. 


Chris Davis from Live and Local

A HUGE thank you. The film is beautiful and a real testament to the project..