3 Little Pig Tails

 'Let me in little piggie it's blowing a gale

Not by the hairs on my little pink tail'

A wonderful retelling of the classic story of the three little pigs set in Paris. A grumpy old wolf is a chef who wants some pigs' tails for his soup.  Will the little pigs outwit the wolf and what kind of house will they build?  A funny, warmhearted and interactive rustic tale to make you squeal with laughter, bristling with puppets, live music and lots of joining in. Garlic Theatre entertain the whole family with beautifully crafted puppets, music and a garlicky French twist to the tale.

Devised and designed by the Company

Performer Iklooshar Malara

Direction Steve Tiplady

Puppetry direction Mark Pitman and Liz Walker

Music Iklooshar Malara




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Show Details

3 - 7 years

Running Time: 45 minutes

Performer Iklooshar Malara

Director Steve Tiplady

Puppetry director Mark Pitman

Music Iklooshar Malara

Devised by the Company and Liz Walker 

" The story was a brilliant twist on the original tale, really quirky and witty. The way you give the puppets character is so clever. "

Head Teacher Wreningham Primary School.

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