A warm hearted story about an old woman and her dancing dog told with traditional glove puppets for ages 3 - 7

Join Old Mother Hubbard as she clatters about her kitchen hanging out the washing and making breakfast with her dancing dog Oscar at her side. Their little world of friendship and harmony is interrupted by the squeaking of a little mouse in the cupboard and the fleeting appearance of a mysterious furry paw. Both are thrilled when they get an invitation to a party, but who sent it and why is it in the deep dark woods?...

Beautifully crafted glove puppets, folk music and enchanting storytelling combine in this interactive slapstick comedy.

Madame Hubbard has also toured to Binic International Festival in Brittany and can be performed in French

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For ages 3 - 7

Running Time: 45 minutes

Performer  Iklooshar Malara

Direction Steve Tiplady 

Puppetry direction: Mark Pitman

Music Jonathan Lambert and Rosie Toll

Design  Michaela Bartonova - Tineola Theatre

" A fantastic show. Old Mother Hubbard is brilliant! We absolutely loved it! Very talented puppeteer! "

Tweet by Ian Barnsby on Twitter

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