Garlic Theatre's Musical Note Workshop is a perfect creative activity to accompany a performance of Fiddlesticks. It can also be booked as an independent workshop. In the past teachers have linked our workshop to the following themes

Reading musical notes for the first time

Music all around us

Animation characters 


Mark and Iklooshar have 20 years experience of running workshops in school settings.



Further Information

Suitable for Reception and Year 1. Mark and Iklooshar are happy to collaborate and listen to teachers so that we can bring a workshop that can really make a difference and enhance their learning. For theatres the workshops are suitable for families and children from 4 upwards. All children under 7 years need to be accompanied by an adult so that they can be helped with the construction of the puppet.

Workshop Details

Suitable for Reception and Year 1

One session lasts 1 hour and a half