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Sorcerer's Apprentice

An old broom stands in the corner, a book is on the table and a young boy alone in the castle feels a tingling in his fingertips…


Can he work a spell himself? Caught in the whirl of magic, the broom dances and spins as it fetches water and more water for the cauldron.

The boy watches transfixed as a flood starts to rise. Will he be able to undo the spell before the sorcerer returns?


sorcerer In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Garlic Theatre conjures a bewitching tale full of mystery and enchantment with their blend of physical theatre, humour and technical wizardry. Puppets, mime and a touch of real magic will leave adults and children enthralled…

Devised by Mark Pitman and Iklooshar Malara

Performed by: Mark Pitman
Direction: Bob Pearce
Puppetry Direction: Iklooshar Malara
Music Direction: Jonathan Lambert and Iklooshar Malara
Design: Michaela Bartonova - Teneola Theatre
Special thanks to Peter Butler and Denise Hargrave

Running time 45 minutes