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George and the Dragon

The setting is England in the Middle Ages. Two storytellers set the scene by telling the audience of the fiery dragon waiting to eat monks, knights, sheep and princesses!


The wicked chancellor, who wants to marry the princess himself, persuades the queen to agree that whoever kills the dragon will have her daughter's hand in marriage. The Princess Eleanor is very upset as she does not want to marry anyone. George is a simple country lad who finds himself fighting the dragon to rescue princess Eleanor. Will he be bold enough to challenge it or will he run away?


In Garlic Theatre's award winning production, a delicious mix of wit humour and inventiveness combine to celebrate one of the most famous medieval legends of all time. With rod and glove puppetry, masks and live music.


"Fantastic fun for adults as well as children."
Jessica Bowles, Central School of Speech and Drama

Devised by Mark Pitman and Iklooshar Malara

Performed by: Iklooshar Malara and Mark Pitman
Direction: Mark Bell
Puppetry Direction: Joy Haynes

Running time 45 minutes