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Flea Circus
flea circus

'Must be seen to be believed!'

Roll up, roll up for the thrills and spills of Garlic Theatre's
amazing 'FLEA CIRCUS'

flea circus

Do not worry our fleas are fully trained and are
safely contained at all times... or are they?

Let the fleas dance, the actors scratch
and the audience gasp at the smallest performers
in the world performing
death defying acts of bravery.

flea circus
flea circus

Running time 45 minutes
Devised by the Company

Garlic Theatre's extravaganza promises a saucy blend
of comedy, fantasy and razzmatazz as we
celebrate the microscopic world of the fleas with
trumpet violin, rod and shadow puppetry and masks.

'Garlic Theatre conjured up a combination of magic
and humour in a production filled
with technical wizardry.'

Sue Wickham, City of Norwich School,
on Flea Circus Dec 2000