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Imagine a violin with legs. A violin with one foot bare, one in a boot and tuning keys for toes. A violin with eyes that follow you around the room, a fingerboard that curls above its head and a smile as wide as its body. Now open your eyes and meet Fiddlesticks, the star of a show of the same name from Garlic Theatre.

Fiddlesticks is the playful spirit of a violin who breaks free from his strings and journeys into a world of musical fantasy in search of
the beautiful Violinka.

During his quest, puppets made from musical instruments
spring to life, birds fly out from musical scores a horse
emerges from the bow of a violin and the music teacher Metronomous tries in vain to impose order.

" The whole show bursts at the seams with creativity and innovation, which inspired the 3-5 year old audience and drew them wide-eyed into its world of flying song-sheets, cello-bow horses and the cacophonous music prison immaculately cued
by co-puppeteer Mark Pitman."
Jim Hutchon
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" Fiddlesticks is a professionally performed show that takes the audience on an inspiring trip into a tuneful otherworld, helping them see music is about expression and performance rather than just order and structure."
Steve Toase
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"The show was extremely imaginative and also exercised the imagination of the young audience."

Ray DaSilva
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Devised by Mark Pitman and Iklooshar Malara
Performed by: Iklooshar Malara and Mark Pitman
Direction: Mark Bell
Puppetry Direction: Mark Pitman
Music Composition: Iklooshar Malara
Design: Michaela Bartonova - Teneola Theatre
Special thanks to violin maker Ian Hobbs and
Andras Lenart - Mikropodium

Running time 45 minutes